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Monday, December 15, 2014


Ang Nakaraan: Ika- 33 na labas

Katha't Guhit ni  Francisco V. Coching
Inilathala sa Pilipino Komiks

---Katapusang Labas ---

---to read, click images to enlarge---

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The Chess Connoisseur said...

This brings nostalgic memories of a bygone era. Francisco V. Coching used to illustrate his ow creation to best capture what was on his mind. In later years, he concentrated on writing while his understudy, Federico C. Javinal, does the illustrations which resembled the work of his mentor. Having learned the craft of both writing and illustrating, Javinal followed in Coching's footsteps, so much so that when Coching retired and went to the Great Beyond he was hardly missed because both Coching's and Javinal's writing and drawing styles were identical.
I have read F.V. Coching's comics series from the 1950s from my grandmother's collection and from mid-1960s I've personally followed the great pair in Liwayway magazine every week.
Those were the days. I am personally grateful to the blogger for having put up this material for everyone's appreciation.
Keep it up!